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Our field technicians are trained & experienced in all aspects of swimming pool equipment, structure, and hydraulics, and have years of experience troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing pumps, filters, lights, and all

aspects of pool systems. Leak detection, leak repair, plumbing repair, pump repair or replacement, filter maintenance or repair, or just a simple "Pool School", we can help you stop worrying about "pool issues" and start ENJOYING your pool ! Call 830-779-POOL (7665) for more info.

La Vernia Pool & Spa, LLC, offers quality water treatment & balancing products and a full line of water maintenance products along with pool tools & pool accessories. We are an authorized distributor for Clear View water treatment products, and a Lamottte Waterlink-Spin Professional Water Analysis Lab. Bring a water sample by the store for a professional water analysis! We service all of Wilson County & the surrounding areas.

We also offer full service cleaning & water balance, and technical service for troubleshooting, repairs, replacement, or refurbish. Come by our store in La Vernia or call us at 830-779-POOL (7665).

Weekly Service - Clean & Balance

We offer weekly cleaning and water treatment & balancing service. Our Service Technicians are skilled and trained to keep your pool looking clear and sparkling year 'round !  If you need weekly service or just a Green-2-Clean or vacation service, we are here to help. No long term contract and no hassle. Call our store at 830-779-POOL for more info.

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