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Dual acting liquid cleaner effectively removes scale, dirt, oils and grease to provide better filtration for all types of filters. Use twice each season.

Super concentrated fast acting water clarifier. Clears cloudy water by collecting small particles that are unable to be filtered into larger filterable masses. No dilution required. Safe to use with any type of filter.

​Drop Out

Removes and prevents metallic stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plaster, gunite and concrete pool surfaces.

Restores water clarity and sparkle by floccing (dropping) suspended particles (debris) to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed to waste. Compatible with all filter types.


Inhibits and prevents scale formation from excessive calcium and staining from iron, copper and manganese.

Super Shimmer & Shine

​Metal Magnet

Enhanced Filter Cleaner

Stain Stop

Prevent specific water problems with E-Z Clor maintenance products. The perfect complement to your pool care regimen. La Vernia Pool and Spa offers a variety of cleaners, clarifiers and stain removers.

Surface Cleaner

For cleaning tile and vinyl liners. Multipurpose formula ensures rapid removal of scum buildup along the waterline. Wipes out oils, greases, light scale and fresh stains.