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This granular calcium hypochlorite kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae. Refresh contains 65% available chlorine. Will also raise calcium hardness levels in pools.

​Liquid Shock​

The environment, swimmers, high bather loading, organic loading (leaf-fall), and weather can introduce germs, algae, and other organic contaminants into your pool. To restore your pool's luster, try our oxidizing agents. La Vernia Pool and Spa recommends that you “shock” your pool in the evenings to minimize direct sunlight on your pool that otherwise could reduce the effectiveness of the shock product applied.

Oxygen based non-chlorine shock that effectively removes contaminants (swimmer's waste) and restores sparkle to pool water. Shock and swim in just 15 minutes after addition. Ideal for all pool surfaces.



Liquid Shock (10% sodium hypochlorite) is an easy and convenient method to shock (oxidize) your swimming pool. Cost effective and does not need to be pre-dissolved.

O2 Shock


Shock treatment and super chlorinator for pools. Controls algae, kills bacteria and destroys organic contaminants in pools. Great for all pool surfaces. Dosage treatment is similar to traditional calcium hypochlorite. Refresh+ contains 73% available chlorine. Comes in convenient 1 lb bags for easy storage and application.